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    Course Content and Format  

     Course of Medical Biology lasts one academic year (two semesters). The Medical Biology course includes both lectures and practical lessons (classes). Attendance of all lectures and classes is mandatory. A current class and lecture schedule is available on information board of Medical Biology Department.

    I. Lectures

    Attending lecture regularly and keeping good notes is essential for success in this course. Remember the lecture material is included in final EXAM!

    Attendance: If a student misses a lecture (regardless of reason) he/she must work it off as oral exam before the final exam.

    II. Classes

    Classes are practical works to teach students Medical Biology Subject. The students usually have one class per a week.



      Discipline taught at the department:


      1th year students General Medicine:

      70 hours of practical classes and 20 hours of lectures


      1th year student of the Faculty of Dentistry:

      60 hours of practical classes and 30 hours of lectures